Saturday, August 29, 2009

August Recap

She lives! :) I've survived August, phew! There have been many days I've been tempted to blog, but I had much too much to say and a to do list the size of the Rio Grande. I'm actually proud that I've stayed away. It's one area I have exercised discipline in:)

Now that things are slowing down a bit I will be able to post tidbits and reflections often, but since August has been packed full of events and things to share I'll give you a general recap. Sadly, it's too late to catch up on the details of them all in separate posts!

We started the month with a wonderful visit from my mother-in-law and brother-in-law. They were brave enough to traverse the country in our dinky little Chevy Prism and gracious enough to stay with our little car while it got a new water pump in Oklahoma (even if they did have to become hobos and live in Wal-mart for a day). Thank goodness they had one-way tickets back to Illinois.

The end result? We have two cars again! Sam is a little bummed though because having one car actually forced us to spend more time together :) We also have lots of great memories from their trip down. Here are some special things we did together...

Brothers bond over You tube videos and matching Chicken Alaska shirts (thanks momma Oertel!) They also went mountain biking together a few times.
The four of us rode the longest aerial tram in the world here in ABQ

Amazing views at the top-we got to take a nice hike through the woods, too
We named this "Farting rock" :) Think about it.
After the tram we went to an awesome little restaurant called El Pinto. It's a perfect place to go for the New Mexican atmosphere. Didn't get a pic though:(

The next day we went to church together and then off to Santa Fe. The Georgia O'Keefe Museum was awesome! They don't allows cameras inside so I guess you'll have to come visit and see for yourself!
This is down-town Santa Fe (under construction)
Joyce treated me to a girls day out-pedicure, lunch, and shopping!

Two days later me and Sam traveled to Dallas for a No Limits Advocare Conference! It was incredibly eye-opening. I was able to talk to the doctors/scientists that formulate our nutritional supplements in person and really catch the vision for how Advocare adds value to a person's life. Not to mention the amazing people involved in the company and the chance to visit with our Quad City Team! :) (pics to come soon)

On Sunday nights, we've been meeting with Troy and Ruth to go through a book called When Sinners Say "I Do". We have been learning so much through our time with the Simons and the truths in this book. To have friends and mentors like this couple is such an answer to prayer and we value each time we get together to talk about living out the gospel in our marraige. I also just joined a women's study that Ruth is leading on another revoluntionary book called Because He Love Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life. There are over ten women in the group that I'm anxious to get to know on a deeper level through this study. I hope to share more insights from these book and my own quiet times soon:)

Ruth and I at church:)

The week after Dallas we had our Family Education Week for Oak Grove. This was a time to meet all the families and fill them in on the things our staff had been working on and planning all summer- including how to teach each subject using our curriculum, classroom management at home, and the vision we share for education. These three days were such a blessing! I could tell right away that I would have an incredible team of parents to work alongside this year.

I spent the weekend following setting up my classroom and preparing for the first week of school. Tuesday I met my kiddos for the first day of school! Here they are minus James, who has recently moved into our class from Kindergarten.

Early Friday morning of that first week of school I flew down to Florida for a four-day visit with my mom's side of the family. I want to post that story separate, so I'll do that soon:)

We are now 2 1/2 weeks into school and I'm learning so much with and about the children in my class! First grade is such an exciting year of growth and I love how eager these kids are to DO and LEARN. I can turn anything into a "game" just by adding a song or some movement to what we're learning! Priceless. I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this school, to influence and pour into these children and their families. The model of our school also allows me some much needed flexibility to pursue other passions and goals, which I look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks. Today for example is an at-home day, so I'm able to blog, clean, plan, grocery shop, and have a friend over that I met at the gym! Gotta love it:)

SO....that's August in a nutshell, pretty nutty in terms of busyness but also highly encouraging:)

Have a blessed day and may you be encouraged today as you focus on the small and big ways Christ is at work in and around you.