Sunday, May 22, 2011

They're ready!

I am so so pleased with how our {first} maternity photo session went! Yes, I say first because we are doing it in two parts. The plan was to take photos when I go back to Illinois at like 32-33 weeks. But we've for sure decided that Sam will stay back in Nebraska while I go for showers and a visit, so we had to do some early with him in them:) They are just beautiful.

I'm so thankful for sweet friend, Tracy, who came all the way here from IL in her little black Vibe with all her photography gear ready to work. She even painted our main floor while she was here and helped us cook and catch up after a crazy few months. What a friend! And when it comes to her photos, they capture the treasured moments so so well. I love her photojournalistic style and pure talent (and for all you Illinois family and friends, she is only a phone call away if you'd like to get some photos taken!) I described to her a vision I had for capturing the beauty of pregnancy with lots of skin and sun shining through sheer clothing. She, however, knew how to make it HAPPEN. Go seeeee!

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