Tuesday, November 29, 2011

owl love you forever

This sweet baby has been showered with gifts long before and especially since her arrival. Many of them share a common theme....

two owl/nest themed baby showers
owl spoon fork set
owl onesie stickers to take her picture each month as she grows
owl pillow/bedset (one of the animals in her forest friends set)
owl sweater, outfits, soft soled shoes
skip-hop collection of owl stroller toys and soft book
handmade owl frame
handmade owl print bag & lovey
owl gift bags
owl stuffed animal
owl crocheted hat
owl backback


One day when she was only a few weeks old we said, we should just call her "Owlive" :)

annnd, Sam laughed and then quickly told me we had enough owl stuff. no more allowed. buttt they just keep showing up:) and I'm still caught eyeing them when we're out and about. hehe

so. darn. cute.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

winter in july

Have you ever been woken up by the cold breeze of your own heart?

Photo credit: luzcannon.com

There are times I feel I'm in a slumber spiritually. In my slumber-land I'm too busy trying that I miss out on the experience of God's presence and peace.
The result: a cold, calloused heart.

Just came across this excerpt from my journal in July. I happen to be in a similar place on this cold November day. After a couple weeks of going my own way, I'm weary, but my cold heart has me running to everyone and everything but Him. Funny how He won't allow rest in my soul until I surrender.

I know a man's soul is deep waters and I've not let you search my heart much lately! I feel I could break (maybe not a bad thing) if I were to face it in the mirror and let you shine your light on all my brokenness and sin. But you have to, you just have to, lest I be ruined by the false mask of self-sufficiency. Ruin me that I might live for you fully. From Bebo Norman's song, "Take my heart, I lift it up. I have not the strength to praise you near enough...but I am nothing, I have nothing without You."

Only you know where to start...break this callous heart...

The answer to my cold heart is the touch of a warm, loving Savior. He is gracious enough to wake me with it. Tender, warm, inviting. The touch of God.

Are you living fully awake today? How are you in need of His touch?