Saturday, February 18, 2012

our favorite 'pick-me-up'

Mmmm, just came from the kitchen after a shot of some energizing goodness! Sam recently reminded me of this concoction for healthy living and it's also my favorite daily pick-me-up, especially after long nights of choppy sleep with our little teether:) Ready for it? Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with honey. That's all. But don't let the vinegar part throw you off. Sam also taught me his trick for yummy consumption. It's actually quite invigorating! Squeeze some raw local honey (great for combating allergies, too!) into your mouth straight from the bottle. And while your taste buds are relishing the taste of sweet--before you swallow the honey--, strike them with a swig (teaspoon-ish) of raw, unfiltered ACV. And then swallow down together. YUM! Kind of bubbly in your mouth and throat and makes you do the tip toe dance.. just a quick, excited toe point on the hardwood kitchen floor.

This daily habit, combined with my morning green smoothie, makes for some great nourishment and literally feeds the brain so I can think more clearly. It goes like this, wake up groggy from fitful sleep, nurse, change baby and set her up with some toys for tummy time, head to the kitchen for some smoothie blending, egg making, and a little ACV/honey squirting. Go back to the living room and get some upbeat music on (cause you feel sooo good) and dance with your little girl in your arms. She giggles. You both giggle. And from there you're eager to play on Pinterest get in God's Word, to chew His promises and get instruction for the day ahead. Yes! Great way to start your morning!

Oh, and when that afternoon lull comes, take another shot, and then another around dinner if you need a boost. All good for you. Can't keep you up all night like coffee, either:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

grace in the going

Our family has news.

We're moving on from here. God is calling us elsewhere. Omaha & Family First Chiropractic to be exact. And, after careful consideration, much prayer, oodles of counsel from loved ones over the phone, skype, and dinner, and endless hours of conversation between me and Sam, we are sure of that fact. Wisdom we have asked for, and wisdom He has granted. through all of these avenues and more. His hand has been in it all. In our journey of being here. In the process of going there. And in the past three years of what has felt like constant transition.

The process of becoming.

This wasn't "the plan". You know, THEE PLAN. But when is it ever when you're following an incredibly creative and thoughtful God, whose thoughts no one can comprehend? These three years of unknown after unknown have taught us many things, one of which is this: You can't tame God. And why would we want to? He uses one thing in our life to lead us to another and then another. To perfect us and make us more like his Son. And often he eventually does put the pieces together for us to get a glimpse of his redemptive plan in it all.

It doesn't have to mean moving or changing jobs, or adding a baby to the mix necessarily. But it sure can include those kinds of things. Perhaps it's changes in relationships, or the blocks of spiritual formation that he's building upon in your life currently. Each part of the journey is vital. Not one do we regret. Not one single stop on the map. Because it's his intentional work in us, not our own failures, successes, or plan for our life apart from him, that causes our change, growth, & refinement. Regardless of what chain of events we may face along the way, the adventure and the story, {my story within His overall story} is joyous to watch unfold.

I received the following message from a fellow leader in our community today. So encouraging & quite timely, as I was feeling a mix of emotions in telling our patients and town the news. When and where He leads we must go. We get to go. And in our case we go soon.

There is a passage in His Word that states He does some things suddenly and when He moves, thing fall into place in short order and it appears that is the case in your lives.  I know my wife is going to miss Dr. Sam and his health ministry to her life but we know that Romans 8:28 is for all of us and this move is going to work out for the good of us all, regardless of what it says to people in town.
We have loved having you in our community and God knows what is best for us so our job is to pray blessing on your lives and release you three to do His will in whatever capacity He has called.  When the doors open, we go through them and trust Him for every step we make.
Thanks for touching our lives in a very positive way and we wish you well.  Great to know you may get involved in the community there in Omaha...and in that too He will guide you in every step.  Go in His Grace and Power.....that's the only way to go.

When you decide to follow Jesus you better hold on tight. People get ready. Change is good. Change is necessary if we are ever to grow. And so we go..


Grace Laced Mondays