Monday, December 19, 2011

around this time..

Around this time last year I was spending time with my friend in Iowa.

Playing with her 2-yr old boy
And talking life, marraige, Christ in us, breastfeeding, homemaking, and the fact that I was feeling different. And didn't know why.

Which led to a suggestion from this friend that I take a pregnancy test, which I laughed off and dismissed:)

To which she replied, "no, really" and "I'm hoping to be preggo with #2 so I'll take one soon, too!"

We ended our time together with the question "wouldn't it be hilarious if we are BOTH preggo right now, and don't know it?!"

And around this time last year I went back to Albuquerque, waited several days, took a test, called her, told her the news, told HER to take a test, she called me back, with the same news. And all we could do was grin:)

Here we are THIS year, both with two beautiful baby girls, born 10 days apart, reflecting on just how much joy, life, and beauty God has brought us this year. A chapter in our life that was only a hint of an idea in our minds not long ago:)

Steph & I halfway through our pregnancies:)