Saturday, April 30, 2011

6 months preggo!

So, it's blog-official! We're pregnant with baby "O", due Aug 17th (we just say August). Where did the past 6 months GO??! We have had so many simultaneous transitions and adventures lately that I have not been able to catch many of you up on the details of the pregnancy and journey to parenthood. We didn't go public with the news until a few days after the move and by then we had hit the ground running in our new community and clinic! I can't tell you how fun it has been to experience this most spectacular event. I am completely in awe that I get to be part of God's {creation process} in a way...and have this new life, this precious spirit and body, growing in my belly.

I am overwhelmed with details I *could* share abo
ut the past 6 months, but I might have to spread those posts out over time and just give you a few pictures of our growing baby for now. Short and sweet is all I've got or I will NEVER even get pictures to all you family members and friends that don't see them on facebook. I will try to post more often with longer ramblings, though I'm not allowing myself to feel an expectation to do that with as crazy as life is right now!

*I was sick for a few weeks in the first trimester but thankfully felt like eating again by around week 10/11 just in time to help pack and move.
*We have a terrific midwife attending the
birth and giving our prenatal care, Joann. She was actually the first certified midwife in the area 20 years ago! So she has delivered many babies at St. Elizabeth's where we will be. And we chose her and the birthing center since they have a much lower rate of interventions and truly respect the family's decisions and birthing choices. We toured and it was great to see the birthing stool, birthing ball, jet tub, etc. We have options and will not be encouraged to be in the bed or restricted, which is comforting.
*First movement felt was at week 14. It was a persistent "tapping" in the same spot in the middle of the night. After that I didn't feel much u
ntil week 16. Since then I feel movement and kicks all the time! They continue to get stronger and even surprise me sometimes. We definitely have a very active baby.
*At 24.5 weeks I am feeling really good overall
, just starting to get some of the tummy twangs when in different positions like bending or sleeping. Trying to learn to keep a pillow between my legs at night!
*2 weeks ago we started a 12 week series of birthing clas
ses with a doula who has worked closely with our midwife. It's really fun and we're learning so much! She covers everything in the 12 weeks whereas the hospitals offer separate topical classes. We're getting natural birthing/comfort measures, infant care for at least the first 8 weeks, breastfeeding, etc. We also plan to get some training specific to hypnobirthing and practice with CD's at home.
*I've recently started on my book list (a little befor
e bed since all our waking hours have been packed full!) with Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Reading positive birth stories has been really encouraging and certainly has opened my eyes to different women's experiences. I plan to continue reading and focusing on getting prepared these next few months!
*We decided to wait and be surprised by the gender when we meet the baby...which has been building the anticipation for sure! Sam and my midwife talked me into that, and I'm so glad they did. Do you have a guess, boy or girl?

Okay, here are some photos!Just found out! 5 weeks
Starting to grow-16 weeks
Showing in tight shirts only-18 weeks
All of a sudden obviously preggo! 22 weeks

Me and dear friend, Steph! She's 22 weeks and I'm 23 here.

More to come! My photographer friend will be here next week to take professional photos of our little fam:) Can't wait to share them with you all!
Love and Blessings, Sam, Libby and Baby