Wednesday, October 5, 2011

to our olive jolie

Shane & Shane: The One You Need

Sam wants to learn this on guitar. What a sweet depiction of the daddy-daughter relationship. Our fave worship leaders capture a message here that will never get old for Olive. It's a message Sam comes back to for me time and time again. It's for all of us.

Monday, October 3, 2011

the womb

I had the privilege of carrying our baby girl in my womb for 39 weeks. To feel her all snuggled in there, little (and big) kicks and movements at different times. Silence (rarely) at other times. But cozy, warm and bundled up inside me she grew. and grew. and grew.

And now, daddy gets to experience a taste
of that goodness.

They call it the Maya wrap or ring sling, we
call it "the womb"

Cause once she's in, it's lights out baby. Nigh-night baby. She-gone!
It's like she's instantly back in that familiar

Mama wears it sometimes...

Daddy has been wearing her this way since the beginning...

But the cradle position is on its way out as all things in infancy... Baby's a growin' and she likes this position a little less each day as she stretches out and discovers the light and color of her new world . She's moving further and further away from that cramped, dark world of mama's womb and therefore "the womb" wrap. Bittersweet. Thankfully we get to baby-wear a lot longer in other positions as she grows. The bond between us grows as we get to hold her close all the day long.

With the way she's holding that head up and gaining more head control each day, I think we'll soon be using the on-the-hip version of the Maya for hanging out and nursing on the go. I love that you can nurse discretely in it that way.

But for now we're cherishing the last of the newborn stage...and especially "the womb"