Saturday, February 18, 2012

our favorite 'pick-me-up'

Mmmm, just came from the kitchen after a shot of some energizing goodness! Sam recently reminded me of this concoction for healthy living and it's also my favorite daily pick-me-up, especially after long nights of choppy sleep with our little teether:) Ready for it? Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with honey. That's all. But don't let the vinegar part throw you off. Sam also taught me his trick for yummy consumption. It's actually quite invigorating! Squeeze some raw local honey (great for combating allergies, too!) into your mouth straight from the bottle. And while your taste buds are relishing the taste of sweet--before you swallow the honey--, strike them with a swig (teaspoon-ish) of raw, unfiltered ACV. And then swallow down together. YUM! Kind of bubbly in your mouth and throat and makes you do the tip toe dance.. just a quick, excited toe point on the hardwood kitchen floor.

This daily habit, combined with my morning green smoothie, makes for some great nourishment and literally feeds the brain so I can think more clearly. It goes like this, wake up groggy from fitful sleep, nurse, change baby and set her up with some toys for tummy time, head to the kitchen for some smoothie blending, egg making, and a little ACV/honey squirting. Go back to the living room and get some upbeat music on (cause you feel sooo good) and dance with your little girl in your arms. She giggles. You both giggle. And from there you're eager to play on Pinterest get in God's Word, to chew His promises and get instruction for the day ahead. Yes! Great way to start your morning!

Oh, and when that afternoon lull comes, take another shot, and then another around dinner if you need a boost. All good for you. Can't keep you up all night like coffee, either:)


  1. I love the health tips & the digging into God's word!

  2. We have the Bragg's brand too and love it!...I am going to have to try it with honey, never thought of that. We usually just choke down the ACV. eww., but way worth it! I am just picturing you dancing around with Olive! Love it! love u. :)

  3. I have been drinking Bragg's for awhile now too, but never like that! I am going to give it a whirl :). I usually put a tiny bit of apple juice in a cup with the ACV and dilute it with water, so it's not so strong :). I'm going to try it tonight!