Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy Girl {An Olive Update!}

When my foot gets a wet sensation, I look down and realize it's my almost 10 mo old, licking it or biting at my toe. That girl, she's a feisty one, but sweet as a sugar snap pea at the very same time! Her little big personality has been emerging more and more these last few weeks. She kisses us on the mouth at times and makes kissy sounds via fishy faces other times..all depending on her mood. She knows what she wants and goes after it. And when you try to stop her, she doesn't cry or feel wounded, she doesn't really even seem bothered, she just tries harder! Whether it's pulling the blinds or pulling the Culligan nozzle till she's drenched in filtered h20, she eyes it, and sets her sights on it until her full on hands and knees crawl arrives her at her destination. Other times she comes upon trouble as she's cruising the room, holding on with barely one hand to the couch or other piece of furniture. She babbles in full sentences. Says mama, dada, nigh-nigh (night) and has started imitating our every face and syllable like a little echo. When she gets sleepy she starts sucking her pointer finger backwards and playing with her forming curls. Then she finds me wherever I am (this is new) and crawls up on me or holds onto my leg until I respond and finally, offers me her wet finger. How kind of her to share:-) She twirls my hair  yanks it when nursing, just out of curiosity, and repeatedly pushes her toes against the rocking chair till she's all tuckered out.

 This girl stops at nothing, sticking dog food, pebbles, and wood chips in her mouth and clenching down when we try to fish them out. She does a happy little jig to every song that she hears, especially "Watermelon Juice" And as soon as she hears any tune, even my voice singing in the shower, you can guarantee she'll be raising up one chubby little hand straight to the sky.  I used to do this while holding her dancing and it just sorta stuck;-) Ducky is her new best friend, "Maxipoo" the poodle and Daddy are probably tied for second favorites. Although with ducky, it started out as a love/hate relationship. She couldn't stand to see his yellow cuteness and not hold him, but every time I would hand him off she would start by eating his face and then proceed to yell loudly at him and beat him against the bottom of the tub!

 She loves the outdoors and birdie watching, as well as any kind of thrill. Scarier the better, so Sam likes to throw her as high as he can into the air and watch the resulting lively expressions. One of the most popular one being a big "o" face where she drops her jaw as far as it'll go and tucks the top lip under to show surprise. Her bottom teeth and crinkled nose are the essence of every smile these days. And a new top tooth is poking through, but you'd never know it. Either her magic rock (amber) necklace is really aiding or she's a trooper, or maybe a little of both. We can't get enough of our girl and her chubby knees, sausage toes, and chunky thighs hanging out of bloomers. The word "pink" makes her giggle. She waves hi and bye-bye at the oddest times (rarely on command) She lets us read to her and even picks out the book. Often it's God's Noisy 123's or my childhood favorite, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear-especially the BOOM BOOM part:)

We asked God for a sweet baby girl and he gave us a wild woman with just enough sweetness as a bonus. She's the perfect addition to our family, lighting up a room, an airplane (did I mention that she wooed half an airplane with her antics until they were all cheering during the landing?), a checkout line, even the darkest of our days. We love our crazy girl!

P.S. If you want to see how much she's changed since her first 4 months of life click here.

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  1. oh goodness, she's so big!! I want to squeeze her! Love you guys.